Three for Two


Since I am on holiday, I tend to cook and read a bit more and write less; which means that in the coming weeks you’ll probably find mostly recipes, and maybe a few book reviews too, on this blog.

Here are the links to my three favorite recipes for challah:

Quick Challah at Frugal Kosher

Claudia Roden’s classic

Ima’s Challah (not my Ima’s) at Not Derby Pie, my latest find but also my favorite now



The Mesorah project last year had been such a success, thanks to all the excellent contributions and wonderful comments, that I was thinking of initiating another one.

Then after I had read Leora’s post about blog interviews and her words of encouragement in the comments, an idea for a new feature on this blog began to take shape: the weekly interview.

I contacted a series of bloggers whose sites I regularly visit and who readily accepted to be part of the project. I then drew up a series of questions which my friend Rachel was kind enough to review and sent them off to the interviewees.

The first people to participate all have three things in common: they live in Israel, have made alyiah and blog.

Don’t miss the first interview scheduled Sunday 2 May.

Thursday Musings


Post title borrowed and adapted from Jewwishes’ Monday Musings

– Is the fact that I dreamt about school last night an indication that I should delve into the new textbooks, plan and prepare lessons? I will have two post-high school classes for the first time from September so I suppose my subconscious is telling me to be prepared.

– Why do some folks constantly advertize their whereabouts, actions, blog post and whatever befall them via Titter and FB and never visit other people’s blogs? The same applies to people who ask questions via the same media but never care to answer queries posted by others.

– I am subscribed to Halocho a day, a useful app on Facebook. Yet I was startled to read the following this morning:

Yesterday we learnt that the custom is to not eat meat and chicken and to not drink wine during the 9 days except on Shabbat.
How does one make Havdala this week?
One makes Havdala as usual this week using wine (and spices and a candle).
If there is a small child who can drink most of the cup of wine, then one gives it to him to drink. If not, then the person making Havdala drinks the wine.
Source: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 122:8

I understand that this is the law but knowing what we know today about the dangers of alcohol on children, I found it surprising that the author of this daily post hadn’t added a warning about alcohol or advised grape juice instead of wine.

– I cooked haddock for lunch today and everybody loved it. Place haddock in a shallow baking dish. Cover with milk and a little cream. Add sliced shallots, lots of pepper and red pepper flakes. Bake at 400°F for 25 minutes.

– Blog hopping can lead to wonderful discoveries. As I was reading the latest edition of kcc this morning, I clicked a link to Mimi’s kitchen to read her recipe for schnitzel. There one comment by Abbi praising a blog in Mimi’s food site list attracted my attention so I clicked on the link and stayed there for about an hour. Go to 101cookbooks and discover for yourself this wonderful healthy recipe journal.

Yom HaShoah


Last year, I wrote a post about the Jewish community in my hometown during WWII and especially about a whole family who had been deported and slaughtered in the death camps.

I had shown the photographs of the memorial to a colleague who teaches History and she had started working with a class on what archives she could find to retrace as many personal histories as possible. Thus I hoped to be able to write a post about the students’ findings today to commemorate Yom HaShoah.

Unfortunately my colleague is on early maternity leave due to complications in her pregnancy and the task is far from being completed. However I hope to be able to share more when she gets back.

Leora provides a comprehensive list of links to various blogs. Take the time to check them as they are all insightful.

A Few Questions


From the most trivial to the most serious:

– What is so special about egg curry? For the past few weeks the recipe for Egg Curry has been the most widely read post on this blog.

– Does anybody know a blog or two written by articulate English-speaking teenagers? I’d like my students to have a glimpse into the life of their peers through a few authentic blogs.

– Are there Orthodox haggadot on line?

Whataever question(s) you choose to answer, all suggestions and links are welcome.

JPIX: The Beginner’s Edition

This is my first attempt at the monthly Jpix carnival – the carnival for Jews and their pictures which was revived last August by Frumhouse. I have only managed to put these wonderful shots in a somewhat orderly manner thanks to Leora’s tutorials on web building. Each series of photos is followed by a caption which should help you make sense of what you can see. Just click on the individual picture to read and see the entire post.

eilat.jpg irdavid.jpg

Batya fasts in the cold and takes pictures of Jerusalem. She goes to Eilat on vacation and reminds us that it is also part of Eretz Yisrael. She is learning about Biblical characters and sharing photos about Ramat Rachel, Ir David and the “Tayelet”.

ricki'smom1.jpg ricki'smom2.jpg

Ricki’s mom sends us a photo of Ricki in the snow as well as one of her drawings.

macro1.jpg macro2.jpg macro3.jpg

The Wolf and Leora experiment with macro shots.

bb.jpg RT.jpg cup.jpg

The Wolf shares the technical aspects of shutter speed. Two bloggers take part in photo memes: A Living Nadneyda posts red inauguration flowers for Ruby Tuesday while Leora uses the detail of a former photo for Tuesday Challenge.

ent2.jpg ent3.jpg ent1.jpg

TherapyDoc visits relatives in Atlanta and Miami. Then a photo of her nephew causes her to reflect on Gaza and Israel.

joeflix2.jpg joeflix1.jpg joeflix3.jpg

Joe Flix keeps a wondeful photo blog, mostly about various aspects of Jewish life, make sure to check it.

isreal1.jpg isreal2.jpg isreal3.jpg

To finish more photos from Israel: Pesky Settler shows her “new” view. Mom in Israel collects a sample of fashion photos with her new camera. Rahel shows her latest photos from Jerusalem.