Danish Drama – Skywatch Friday


I first joined Skywatch Friday on July 4th, 2008 and took part until September, 3rd 2009. Having seen on a blog this morning that it was still going strong, I thought I would have another go. It is a beautiful meme and a good one for the holiday.

Skywatch Friday starts tonight. Find out more and join in by clicking here.


JPiX- The New Spring Edition

This is the Spring edition of JPiX, the Jewish Photo Bloggers’ Blog Carnival. Click on each thumbnail to access the full post. Special thanks to Leora for keeping this meme alive and for being so patient with me whenever I have had problems or questions about JPiX.

Photos by Israeli bloggers

Robin at Around the Island shows breathtaking shots of nectarine blossoms, anemones and Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter:

nectarineblossoms.jpg  anemones.jpg  jerusalem.jpg

Batya who blogs at me-ander shows photos from her blog – a bar mitzvah, how she learnt to be a video news photographer and the coming of spring:

barmitzvah.jpg video.jpg spring.jpg

She also shares photos from her walks in Svut Rachel and Jerusalem:

shvutracel.jpg  tinybutgorgeous.jpg walkingpath.jpg

Cosmic X in Jerusalem shows Palestinian Talmud Enthusiasts while Sharon Altshul who blogs at The Real Jerusalem Streets presents a series of photos inspired by Herman Wouk’s book The Will to Live On, This is our Heritage. As for Naomi Elbinger, she shares a picture of her great-great-grandmother Gitel with a shpitzel.

talmudenthusiast.JPG hermanwouk.jpg shpitzel.jpg

At I Wish I Were a Photographer,Toby shares pictures of Israeli skies:

sky1.JPG sky2.JPG sky3.JPG
sky4.JPG sky5.JPG

At Our Shiputzim, Mrs.S. shows two family outings: Avnei Eitan and a visit to a boutique olive oil plant in Katzrin:

avneieitan.jpg olivefactory.jpg

Rahel who blogs at Elms in the Yard shares some colorful shots, Raina has a conversation with a crater lake and Samantha at Samantha’s Project 52 shows a havdalah photo:

blossom.jpg craterlake.jpg havdala.JPG

Snow and no snow in Israel shown by Cosmic X in Jerusalem, Sharon Altshul and Batya:

snow.JPG snow2.jpg nosnow.jpg
Photos from the United States

Jewacious is back to blogging with a recipe for a honey cake, a beautiful sky, photos of the Skirball Cultural Center and book recommendations:

honeycake.jpg skywatch.jpg
skirball.jpg shul.jpg

Leora from Here in HP shares numerous her chanukah photo gallery, a painting, Purim containers and JPiX’s new page:

chanukahlights.jpg dreidel.jpg purimcontainers.jpg challah.jpg

Phyllis at Imabima shows a photo for Rosh Chodesh and two collages for Chanukah, Sarah at Sarah’s View displays vegetables from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Markey while Frume Sarah at FrumeSarah shares very special photos for Tu BiShvat:

roshchodesh.JPG chanukah.jpg

rainbowveggies.jpg tubishvat.jpg

Purim photos: Trip’n Up shows Purim harbingers in Neve Daniel, Sharon makes clear that Purim is not just one day while Pesky Settler shares pot-op treats and her daughter’s fancy dress:

nevedaniel.JPG supermen.jpg treats.jpg goth.jpg

Leah who blogs at Chossid shares numerous shots from Crimea: her best photo 2011, KosherFest and Tuesday Inspirations:

studying.jpg chef.jpg tuesdayinspiration1.jpg tuesdayinspiration2.jpg

She also show photos of Israel, New York and Chanukah and Purim in the former Soviet Union:

israel.jpg ny.jpg menorah.jpg purim.jpg

I hope you will take the time to visit the photographers’ blogs and leave comments. If you wish to know more about JPiX and/or submit a post with images for the next edition, just click on the logo


Paintings with Red




Summer vacations are an opportunity to visit local museums for which I do not always have the time during the school year. About 10 days ago we were in Arras where we visited the Fine Art Museum. The paintings above are all from the Dutch-Flemish collection. Can you spot the red details and guess which painting I like best?

On Tuesdays, just post any photo you like (it must be one of your own) that contains the color RED and then link to this blog.


This lovely badge was created by Leora from Here in HP.