Not Quite Farewell


As you probably noticed – well I hope a few people at least noticed – this blog has been very quiet for the past few weeks. I have certainly been busy but I also feel a total lack of inspiration and ideas.

The school front is much quieter, which is a very good thing. I have not read many books worth writing about recently and my spiritual life is not worth sharing right now.

After much thinking and worrying, I have now decided that I will write whenever I feel like it rather than fret about I can possibly write about.

Still a few posts are already scheduled: at least two book reviews I promised to write (even though I have not received the books yet), a few recipes and JPiX in March.

Meanwhile I may or may not post on this blog but will still visit yours; I am subscribed to a lot of your blogs.

I suppose saying goodbye is a bit hard so I will end this post with a question. Can anyone guess what the photo above features?

Blog Musings


– I recently read an article about blogs and bloggers. It seems that a peak has been reached and that bloggers now tend to post less often than they used to. This is certainly true for me although I am not quite sure why: lack of ideas, different priorities, a different schedule…

– The number of spams I get has rocketed. Fortunately they are blocked in the spam section of the blog but the number is still impressive. Am I the only one?

– WordPress has a wonderful feature which enables the readers of a blog to subscribe and get an email each time a new blogpost has been published. It is much more comfortable than checking RSS feeds. The unfortunate result is that I probably read non-Wordpress blogs less frequently.

– What about you? Do you find that your blogging activity has evolved?

P.S.: Upcoming change on this blog.

Haveil Haveilim and Weekly Interview Roundup


This week’s edition of Haveil Havalim – the almost Elul edition – is up at Ima Bima. Thank you Phyllis for hosting my post. For those who may have missed an interview or two, here is a list of all the interviews who have appeared on this blog in the past 14 weeks. Thanks again to all who took part and to the people who took the time to comment so as to show their appreciation.

Treppenwitz, Shimshonit, Mimi, Mrs.S., Mother in Israel, Rabbi Barry Leff, QuietusLeo, Robin, William Kolbrener, Baila, Ruti, Tamar, Michael, Risa



The Mesorah project last year had been such a success, thanks to all the excellent contributions and wonderful comments, that I was thinking of initiating another one.

Then after I had read Leora’s post about blog interviews and her words of encouragement in the comments, an idea for a new feature on this blog began to take shape: the weekly interview.

I contacted a series of bloggers whose sites I regularly visit and who readily accepted to be part of the project. I then drew up a series of questions which my friend Rachel was kind enough to review and sent them off to the interviewees.

The first people to participate all have three things in common: they live in Israel, have made alyiah and blog.

Don’t miss the first interview scheduled Sunday 2 May.

Back Home


I left HK last night after Shabbat and am now safely back home. I really have to go offline a little and do some work before going back to school tomorrow. Meanwhile here is the list of some of the posts I plan to write about my trip – not necessarily in that order:
– Kosher food on plane going back
– Eating in kosher restaurant in HK
– The Chinese and languages
– A day in Macau

Ruti Mizrachi is hosting this week’s edition of Haveil Havalim. Thanks Ruti for your hard (and beautiful) work.

A Toy and A Challenge


I had already read how Trep had come to wear a pedometer clipped to his belt and how this had led him to walk more. I had toyed with the idea of getting one for myself to make sure I took enough exercise but it had remained wishful thinking.

Until I read another post of Trep’s on the subject this morning. This time he is organizing a walking challenge. The idea is to try to walk at least 10,000 steps per day for just over a month. You’ll find all the procedure and the details in his post. It is simple and easy.

Since I have some time off-sick and am supposed to walk on flat ground to avoid phlebitis, I reckoned this time was as good as any to start wearing a pedometer and count my steps. In addition I like the idea of a challenge and the fact that other people are joining in.

So tonight I went to a sporsts store, bought the cheapest (a mere 10€) and simplest pedometer they had (the one in the photo above), set it and clipped it to my belt.

It was already quite late in the day so I have only walked a humbling 419 steps – mainly round the kitchen – but am thinking of walking round the block to see how many steps I can add.

Almost Purim Weekly Review


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