Haveil Haveilim and Weekly Interview Roundup


This week’s edition of Haveil Havalim – the almost Elul edition – is up at Ima Bima. Thank you Phyllis for hosting my post. For those who may have missed an interview or two, here is a list of all the interviews who have appeared on this blog in the past 14 weeks. Thanks again to all who took part and to the people who took the time to comment so as to show their appreciation.

Treppenwitz, Shimshonit, Mimi, Mrs.S., Mother in Israel, Rabbi Barry Leff, QuietusLeo, Robin, William Kolbrener, Baila, Ruti, Tamar, Michael, Risa

Back Home


I left HK last night after Shabbat and am now safely back home. I really have to go offline a little and do some work before going back to school tomorrow. Meanwhile here is the list of some of the posts I plan to write about my trip – not necessarily in that order:
– Kosher food on plane going back
– Eating in kosher restaurant in HK
– The Chinese and languages
– A day in Macau

Ruti Mizrachi is hosting this week’s edition of Haveil Havalim. Thanks Ruti for your hard (and beautiful) work.