Arras: the Squares




Arras is an attractive town in the North of France. The town’s two great squares are stunning providing a collection of 155 unique facades of Flemish baroque architecture. In 1492 Arras had become part of the Spanish Netherlands and this explains the style of the architecture.

In Northern Europe these large town squares were originally designed to accommodate large markets which in different periods contributed largely to the prosperity of those cities.

I had been in Arras before but never for a whole day. On Sunday we walked round the town which is probably the best way to discover the cobblestoned town center and visited the museum.

Nature Notes: By The Canal




A favorite Sunday walk in my area is along a canal which joins two rivers: the Somme and the Scheldt. As the weather was bright and sunny last week, we went walking there and I took a few photos.

Has your area changed? How do you feel the awakening of spring?

Michelle of Rambling Woods started a new meme called “Nature Notes.” This is my firs contribution. Have a look at her blog for more “Nature Notes”.


A Week Here and There


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JPIX: The Beginner’s Edition

This is my first attempt at the monthly Jpix carnival – the carnival for Jews and their pictures which was revived last August by Frumhouse. I have only managed to put these wonderful shots in a somewhat orderly manner thanks to Leora’s tutorials on web building. Each series of photos is followed by a caption which should help you make sense of what you can see. Just click on the individual picture to read and see the entire post.

eilat.jpg irdavid.jpg

Batya fasts in the cold and takes pictures of Jerusalem. She goes to Eilat on vacation and reminds us that it is also part of Eretz Yisrael. She is learning about Biblical characters and sharing photos about Ramat Rachel, Ir David and the “Tayelet”.

ricki'smom1.jpg ricki'smom2.jpg

Ricki’s mom sends us a photo of Ricki in the snow as well as one of her drawings.

macro1.jpg macro2.jpg macro3.jpg

The Wolf and Leora experiment with macro shots.

bb.jpg RT.jpg cup.jpg

The Wolf shares the technical aspects of shutter speed. Two bloggers take part in photo memes: A Living Nadneyda posts red inauguration flowers for Ruby Tuesday while Leora uses the detail of a former photo for Tuesday Challenge.

ent2.jpg ent3.jpg ent1.jpg

TherapyDoc visits relatives in Atlanta and Miami. Then a photo of her nephew causes her to reflect on Gaza and Israel.

joeflix2.jpg joeflix1.jpg joeflix3.jpg

Joe Flix keeps a wondeful photo blog, mostly about various aspects of Jewish life, make sure to check it.

isreal1.jpg isreal2.jpg isreal3.jpg

To finish more photos from Israel: Pesky Settler shows her “new” view. Mom in Israel collects a sample of fashion photos with her new camera. Rahel shows her latest photos from Jerusalem.

Another Week Gone By



A recipe for challah, the Shabbat’s bread.

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Visit Jewish Ideas, a site with downloadable articles in pdf format, perfect for Shabbat reading.

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Leora inititated the personal weekly review on her blog a couple of weeks ago. Hers is more complete than mine in that it features other articles and blogs, make sure to check it out.