A Few Questions


From the most trivial to the most serious:

– What is so special about egg curry? For the past few weeks the recipe for Egg Curry has been the most widely read post on this blog.

– Does anybody know a blog or two written by articulate English-speaking teenagers? I’d like my students to have a glimpse into the life of their peers through a few authentic blogs.

– Are there Orthodox haggadot on line?

Whataever question(s) you choose to answer, all suggestions and links are welcome.

Color vs Black and White


The son of a rabbi and fine Talmudist, Saul Leiter studied to become a rabbi himself but soon left Pittsburg to settle in New York once he felt the rabbinate was not his calling. Instead he wanted to be a painter.

After visiting a photography exhibition, Leiter took an interest in this form of art and purchased a Leica. Although he never quite gave up painting, he earned a living as a fashion photographer.

Leiter soon experimented with color photos, unlike most artisitic photographers of the time for whom colors was associated with magazines and adverts. He favored street scenes making them works of art through his unique play with angles, light, filters, reflections and colors of course.

I only knew his photos through a book I own, Early Color, but was lucky enough to visit an exhibition in a French town in Burgundy this weekend. It was well worth the visit. I was particularly amazed at the way Leiter highlights one or several colorful detail(s) in an ordinary background thus forcing us to reconsider the way we look at everyday scenes.

For a glimpse into Saul Leiter’s works click here.

It’s Already Friday


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Nature Notes: By The Canal




A favorite Sunday walk in my area is along a canal which joins two rivers: the Somme and the Scheldt. As the weather was bright and sunny last week, we went walking there and I took a few photos.

Has your area changed? How do you feel the awakening of spring?

Michelle of Rambling Woods started a new meme called “Nature Notes.” This is my firs contribution. Have a look at her blog for more “Nature Notes”.


Israeli Potato Salad


A potato salad with a difference.

serves 4 people

4 potatoes, steamed and sliced
1 green chili pepper
1 clove garlic, crushed
the juice of one lemon
olive oil
salt and pepper
1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs

Slice the chili pepper very thinly. Put the potatoes and chili pepper (and sliced eggs) in a serving bowl. Mix the oil, lemon and garlic and season to taste. Pour the dressing on the other ingredients and the chopped cilantro/parsley.

Tea Shop


This is another photo taken during my trip to Honk Kong in 2007. Michael, the shop owner, who had studied in Canada and spoke perfect English was explaing how to make green tea. How many red details can you spot?

On Tuesdays, just post any photo you like (it must be one of your own) that contains the color RED and then link to this blog.