Favorite Posts – Part I



This is post #251 so I thought I would put a personal review of some of my previous posts over the past 15 months or so. My top five favorite posts for the period June 2007- January 2008:

The Joys of Being a Teacher
Chesed & Rochelle Krich
The Lost
Survey: Morning Blessings (birkat ha-shachar)
Hélène Berr, the Computer Age

5 thoughts on “Favorite Posts – Part I

  1. Nice. So we get a feel for your real essence, what feels important to you.

    And the photo is wonderful. I love the variety of subdued hues. It looks like a dress shop? And the ball? Is that part of the architecture? The pavement is so European. When we had our sidewalk redone, I was going to inquire about mixed stones for our short walkway. But it turned out that would much, much more expansive. So we have well-done concrete. No wonder Joni Mitchell sang “they paved paradise, put up a parking lot.”

  2. How interesting, and fantastic that we get to glimpse what you feel is important, as far as your own personal posts.

    What a lovely photo! So serene.

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