So Far so Good


I’ve met 5 of my 6 classes and so far I can’t complain.

– I expected the Seniors to be a bit hostile, not so much towards me (yet), but towards the subject. Indeed I know people like them who study Health and Social Sciences and for whom languages are not very important feel apprehensive and easily discouraged when it comes to talking in English.
We started with a picture (of a firefighter with a tatoo of the Twin Towers and the names of his mates on his back) and they seemed to have a few things to say. Two or three even appeared to be quite confident and reasonably good at English – they were able to explain why sometimes it is necessary to use “who” and other times “which” in a complex sentence. Believe me for this sort of students this is quite an achievement.

– The Humanities Juniors have started on Pride and Prejudice and seem to respond well. I was glad that everyone actually participated this morning. Not always easy with high school students.

– I also met the Sciences Juniors. About as many boys as girls. A pleasant bunch who appeared eager to show what they know. I know some are not as good as the talkative ones and I hope they won’t feel too shy to try.

– Last, but not least, I’ve met my 2 freshman classes. One is made up of weaker students and the other one is supposed to be just the opposite. However it is hard to comment just yet as freshmen are ususally impressed when they start high school and it takes longer for them to misbehave. So apart to say that they seem quite civil and worked hard on the first day, I’ll reserve judgement.