A Dish from Finland



Kalapyttipannu á la karppi

Krisu, a Finnish blogger, keeps a beautiful blog complete with recipes and photos as well as lots of other things I don’t understand since it is in Finnish. I recently spotted a recipe that looked great and said so in my comment. Krisu very kindly translated the recipe for me and I made it a few days later. Here is the English version.

Ingredients per person:
Half of a tiny zucchini sliced (appr. 180g)
Cold smoked salmon 100g
some cut onion
black pepper, thym, (salt, not necessary, the salmon is salty enough)
1 egg
olive oil or butter

Put everything into a frying pan in this order: onions, zucchini, salmon. Season after your taste. Fry one egg for side. You can also add a tomato and a gherkin.

Click on the photo for the Finnish version.