Mesorah Project


I’d love to initiate a series of host posts over the summer on the topic of Mesorah. In Jewish tradition, the concept of Mesorah is very important. It means passing on and refers to the way the Torah has been handed down throughout the generations.

Therefore I’d be delighted if you, i.e. my readers (regular or occasional), could write a few lines or paragraphs on what “transmitting Judaism” means to you.

I’d post one contribution every week, starting on June 21st. You may choose to remain anonymous or have a link to your blog if you have one but a short introduction (with your age, family background, job…) would be appreciated.

You can mail your contribution to:

10 thoughts on “Mesorah Project

  1. Nice. A lovely idea. Someone in our shul sponsored kiddush on Shavuot on the occasion of his father’s yahrzeit. He talked about how much he had learned from his father, and about the many relatives he had never met (I assume they died in the Shoa?). He connected it to transmission of the Torah on Shavuot, how it gets passed down through the generations.

  2. I would love to contribute – being a sponge-like recipient of all things Judaism at this stage in my life, I should be able to contribute something, if you would be willing to accept it from a novice!

    It’s a wonderful idea – and this morning I have learned a new word, since I didn’t know ‘mesorah’ as a word until just now.


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