Conversations: Jewish Education


Anyone interested in the future of Modern Orthodox education is likely to find the latest edition of Conversations stimulating. Whether you are a parent, a school leader or a Jewish educator you will find food for thought.

Here is the sort of the articles you can find:

– A symposium of four leading Jewish school leaders.

– Ideas for Jewish schools to save money at a time when Jewish tuition might have become too expensive for some parents. The idea is for Jewish schools to pool some of their ressources and purchases so as to shorten running costs. In the end, everybody benefits.

– An article about Samson Raphael Hirsch and secular education.

– One about Nechama Leibowitz‘s teaching technique. Apparently she was a skillful facilitator – someone who encourages students to learn and think by themselves – and a pedagogue – here the term is used to designate someone who controls what the students learn. As a teacher I found this particularly inspiring.

– An essay dealing with the challenges of fostering midot (virtues) and Derech Eretz in children.

– An article which addresses the issue of religious education for children with special needs.

– A mother’s perspective on homework for children.

The article on Jewish American literature to which I have already referred.