New Koren Siddur: First Impressions

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I received the new Koren Sacks Siddur last week and started using it after Shabbat. I had already reviewed this siddur but it is one thing to know about something and quite another to actually experience it. Here are my first impressions about the new siddur.

– The Hebrew on the left and the English translation on the right. I had read about this in one or two articles where people said it had taken them five minutes to get used to this new organisation. As far as I am concerned I guess it took me about thirty seconds. It just feels natural.

– A very clear layout with more paragraphs than in most siddurim.

– References to Biblical passges in the margin next to the text and not in footnotes. This means you are not distracted from the text if you wish to know where a passage originally comes from.

– The commentary at the bottom of each page and the additional explanations at the end of the siddur.

I have noticed a few differences between the original British Sacks Siddur and the Koren Sacks Siddur.

The ones I like:
– In the Amidah, the optional paragraph when you wish to add personal requests is in the middle of the blessing and not after which is more logical and convenient.
– The table of contents is slightly different and more explicit. I feel it is much easier to find a particular prayer.

The ones I don’t like so much:
– No paragraph for air or sea travelers in the Tefilat HaDerech (traveler’s prayer).
– No shorter form of grace after the Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals).

So far I have found it very user-friendly and reckon I am going to adopt it as my daily siddur.