What Is Your Breakfast?


I find breakfast to be the least inspiring of the three daily meals and only eat it because I have managed to convince myself I should. In fact I’d be quite happy just to gulp a few cups of coffee and then rush to work.

Yesterday I read an article about breakfast in a few European countries which made me think about my breakfast routine as well as wonder about yours. Aparently the traditional English breakfast I loved as a kid has now given way to cereals -something I couldn’t eat as I can’t stand soggy cereals floating in cold milk – and is only eaten on Sundays or in hotels. The Greeks seem to drink coffee and eat bourekas at work while the Germans and the Dutch still eat a sturdy breakfast; something I have witnessed on visits there.

My favorite breakfast consists of coffee, orange juice and brioche. However because of the high fat content of this traditional French bread, I normally just eat bread (toasted if I have the time) and butter instead.

Since the article mentioned many interesting but often unhealthy habits, I thought I would ask you about your breakfast so as to add variety in mine.