Should I Feel Guilty?


I’ve been off-sick for four weeks now and I miss neither my job nor my students.

Although it may be a bit to soon for proper analysis, I have a few ideas in mind.

– 3 ot of my 6 classes were very difficult groups with no wish to learn whatsoever. I felt helpless then and I am pretty confident they haven’t changed.

– The school administration didn’t help us. On the contrary, whenever we complained in a meeting, we were told that we had to be understanding and not ask for the impossible. However it felt like a waste of public money to just have them in a room regardless of what we were doing as long as they were reasonably quiet.

– There have never been more students in education than now nevertheless the programs have not been reshaped to accomodate this new sort of pupils. This does not mean that the curriclum hasn’t changed, just that recommendations are piled upon recommendations with no clear objectives. I too often feel I am leaving the weaker kids behind while the bright ones dont get enough fuel for their minds.

– I may be tired of my teaching routine. After all I have been in the same school for 15 years and even there are a number of things I appreciate about it, it might not be enough to keep me going.

– I am enjoying my time off and the opportunity I have to read, write and do other stuff (almost) whenever I feel like it.

Does this mean I’m a bad teacher?