Quick Tuesday Musings


– I have just started a book about American Jews by Andre Kaspi, a French historian specializing in American history. This author claims that anti-Americanism and anti-semitism are often linked and wishes to debunk the different myths that prevail concerning Jews in the United States. It is a well-researched book and although I have only read about forty pages I have learnt a great deal about Jewish immigration to America, especially the early days.

– I had my two last class meetings for the term this evening. Class meetings are formal gatherings where all the teachers of a class meet to discuss the students’ performance and attitude. I can relax a bit as from now on my evenings will be less busy.

– Much as I have enjoyed teaching Business English since September, I find it is a lot of hard work. All the more so as I am constantly working on two different (and new to me) topics at the same time – corporate culture and consumption at present.

– A message for people who take part in memes and leave a comment: if you want me to visit back, please leave a valid url.

– Batya is hosting this week’s edition of Haveil Havalim

4 thoughts on “Quick Tuesday Musings

  1. “anti-Americanism and anti-semitism are often linked” – new idea to me. Interesting. Look forward to hearing more. Jonathan Sarna has written various books on American Jewish history.

    I can see how corporate culture in America would be foreign to you (whereas to me, it’s part of life). Working for a corporation can be quite nice, when the perks are a good fit.

    • Kaspi explains that those people who believe America dominates the world usually believe that it is a country which is ruled by the Jews- directly or indirectly. The same old story!

  2. “if you want me to visit back, please leave a valid url” – you mean you don’t like hunting around in Google or on Mary’s site for the real URL (which is what I sometimes do, depending on how interested I am in finding the result). It is frustrating.

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