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Cool Iphone Apps


It’s been about two months since I acquired an Iphone – they offered a rebate on the two next bills so I couldn’t resist – and I have really enjoyed it a lot.

As you know there are numerous apps one can add to the Iphone for free or for a usually minimal sum.
So far I have added a few; here are the ones I find most useful:
Anobii Iphone App which is linked to my Anobii online account.
Mover Lite which enables you to share files from one Iphone to another.
Bejeweled Webapp – if you like the game on Facebook, you’ll love it on your Iphone.
Facebook for Iphone, certainly the app I use the most. It is user-friendly and enables you to keep in touch with your friends.

What Iphone apps do you use the most? Which ones would you consider getting?