Hygiene in HK


Since the SARS outbreak in South China in 2002-2003, HK residents have become more aware in terms of personal and public hygiene.

The elevators all have a layer saran wrap over the buttons that gets changed out or cleaned several times a day. Similarly handles and handrails are regularly disinfected.

Before you enter a building or a block of flats, you will walk on a bleached rug so that your soles are freed of germs.

Most stores and public toilets have hand sanitizer dispensers. Regarding the latter they are much cleaner than the average lavatories in France. Besides there is always a cleaning lady on the premises who regularly mops and cleanses. Finally if you are dissatisfied with the cleanliness of the place there is the phone number of a person you can contact.

Do you find that people are as careful in your country?

10 thoughts on “Hygiene in HK

  1. That’s fascinating — and very different from the way things work here!

    Even H1N1 didn’t have a major impact on public hygiene – except in the schools, where the kids were taught to cough into their sleeves, etc.

  2. “if you are dissatisfied with the cleanliness of the place there is the phone number of a person you can contact” – I like that! Though I see potential for abuse.

    One of the problems with the lean to cleanliness is the solutions may bring their own problems. Some (many?) cleaning products are carcinogens. Sigh.

    Some places here are cleaner than others. People vote with their feet.

  3. Wow! A lot of people carry hand sanitiser (I do), especially if using public transport regularly (I do!). Hospitals and doctor’s surgeries have signs and more santiser spray to us also. Public toilets appear to be much, much cleaner than they used to, but the price to enter has gone up accordingly (I don’t mind the increase, if that’s the benefit!). In my office building, the cleaners do proper cleaning several times throughout the day. I like to say hello and have a little chat with them in the kitchen if I am there at the same time – they do a good job and shouldn’t be ignored.

    • I also carry a small bottle of sanitizer in my bag. In HK and France, public toilets are free (I thought that it was what “public” involved).
      I agree with you about cleaning ladies and also always say hello to those who work in my school.

  4. Israel is DEFINATELY not this hygiene concious. Tho in my current university, which seems to be a piece of the West here in Jerusalem, there are hand sanitizer dispensers outside all the computer labs, which I find interesting.

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