Sync Regularly


Some of you may be aware that I was without my IPhone for what seemed like age; in fact probably no more than 10 days. It had dropped on the ground and, whenever I switched it on, all I got was a blank screen.

I therefore phoned AppleCare through my mobile network operator and got a fine and efficient answer. First, UPS came to my house to pick it up. Then, after three days, they sent me a brand new one.

When I got the new one, I was instructed to connect it to ITunes, just as with the previous one. When the software recognized that it was connected to an IPhone, I got a message asking me if I wished to restore my former data to the new phone. I clicked “yes”.

It took the phone quite a while to do this but, in the end, all the apps I had previuously downloaded (for free or through the App store), the ringtone I had added, my phone contacts, everything, including the different times on my alarm clock, were installed on the new phone as if nothing had happened.

This was only possible because I had regularly synced my Iphone to the data on the computer. So I suggest that if you are the lucky owner of an IPhone, you should try to perform this simple operation every now and again. It might save you a lot of trouble in the future.