Double Meme & Quick News




Zucchini Flowers from my garden.

Treppenwitz has a new walking challenge. Enrol today as the first steps are to be entered tonight.

Haveil Havalim will be up at Frum Satire sometime today.

For more Summer Stock Sunday, visit Robin at Around the Island.

Summer Stock Sunday JPEG.jpg

For more flowers from around the globe, visit Today’s Flowers.

LOGO TODA'Y 02.jpg

25 thoughts on “Double Meme & Quick News

  1. My first reaction was – pumpkins – but zucchini is close! I like those fried, although it is not the healthiest way to have them 🙂

  2. Oh, I tried growing zucchini years ago, but they died, possibly due to borer worm. Maybe next year I’ll try again – I need to garden in a box, we have so many animals in our yard enjoying the goodies (we caught another – or the same – skunk today).

    It all looks very green – do you make zucchini bread?

  3. It reminds me of my parents’ garden – they love growing vegetables! One year they grew amazing pumpkins, edible and ornamental ones!

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