Back Online


After a quiet week due to the end of the Pesach holiday, and before Shabbat, I am now back to blogging. I thought I would share a link I was sent via a list for English teachers. If you print a lot of documents, I hope you might find it useful.

Ecofont is a new font devised by SPRANQ – a Dutch company – that is supposed to make you save ink as you’ll use 20% less ink when printing a document.

You can visit their website for more information and to download Ecofont..

3 thoughts on “Back Online

  1. Interesting. I have been working with my son who is designing his own bar-mitzvah invitation, and I am trying to convince him not have a totally black background (one of the reasons being all that ink). I think he thinks I’m stunting his creativity. Sigh.

    I hope you had a nice Pesach.

  2. jewwishes: I have used the font and so far have found it fine.
    Leora: Nice that your son should be designing his own bar-mitzvah invitations but I also understand your reluctance about the dark background.

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