Discovering Zhou Gang


What do you do on wet days when you are on vacation? We like to visit museums. So as today is very rainy, we went to Toulon this afternoon to visit the Museum of Asian Arts (Musée des arts asiatiques).

Located in a house with garden which once belonged to the son and later the grandson of author Jules Verne, the museum contains a small but interesting collection of art objects, many donated by naval officers from the time of the French colonization of Southeast Asia. It includes objects and paintings from India, China, Southeast Asia, Tibet and Japan. (Wikipedia)

Apart from the permanent exhibition, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions. At the moment it features Chinese painter Zhou Gang. Zhou Gang was born in Shangai in 1958. He graduated there before moving to Japan and then Paris to study fine art. He now resides in the French capital.

Zhou Gang uses traditional techniques: ink on rice paper and was influenced by Chinese old masters. Yet, after 20 years in France, his art has become a fine combination of Eastern and Western influences and his paintings are full of energy and vitality.

Taking photos was forbidden but you can see some of Zhou Gang’s paintings on the artist’s website.