Bad News for the Jews

Anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and fascists slogans and graffiti were sprayed on the walls of a French junior high school last week. It is probably no coincidence that the school is named after René Cassin, the man who drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Judging from the slogans, which included references to White Power, the culprits must be extreme-right activists.

– Three young Jewish boys were attacked and beaten up by a group of ten teenagers yesterday evening on their way to shul. This happened in the same district as the June attack. The youngsters said their aggressors attacked them because they had “the traditional Jewish profile” and wore kippot.
I’ll provide update when I have more information.

– The theological commission of the World Evangelical Alliance has reiterated its commitment to proselytize European Jews. One may wonder what the WEA was thinking when they decided to issue their call from Berlin.

Nota Bene: The link provided for the last news is to a Jewish site, no need to boost the WEA’s readership.

Sad News

200px-Kippah.jpgJust when we thought that anti-Semitic attacks in France were on the wane, a seventeen year-old was severely beaten up yesterday by a group of six or seven teenagers in the 19th district of Paris.

The boy was identified by his attackers as Jewish as he was wearing a kippah. He was walking in broad daylight through a neighborhood where many Jewish families live when this happened. The youths attacked him with metal bars, smashed his skull and broke several of his ribs. The young Lubavitch boy was taken to hospital where he is still in intensive care. His state is described as critical.

Police said they detained five people for questioning in connection with the beating. Numerous French politicians were quick to condemn the attack and reaffirm their determination “to fight all forms of racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia.” While they are right to condemn this cowardly obnoxious attack, I wish they would stop treating racism and anti-Semitism as if they were one and the same thing. It is both inaccurate and completely counterproductive.

Update: Apparently this boy, Rudy, is no longer in a coma.


Satellite.jpegThe rash kiling of 8 young yeshiva students in Jerusalem three days ago has left me speechless as I try to come to terms with the numerous feelings (some quite upsetting) that beset me.

It worries me that a lot of people an equate this murder with the IDF’s retaliation in Gaza, eventhough I think it was a disaster for more than one reason. Namely it should not have been announced three days before it took place, it seems the army had too little reliable information to be efficient and I fear it won’t change anything on the Palestinian side.

Mostly Golda Meir’s words keep coming back: “The Arabs will stop fighting us when they love their children more than they hate Jews.” I only hope we won’t be contaminated by this hatred.

Two of my favourite bloggers having written about the killing much more cleverly than I could have done, I wanted to share their feelings with you. One was written by Treppenwitz, an Israeli who made aliyah a few years back and the other one by Frumteacher, a teacher from The Netherlands.

P.S. I’ve just come across another insightful post about the attack on Merkaz HaRav Yeshivah.