Communal Evening


After spending Yom Kippur in Antwerp last week, I expected Sukkot to be disappointing in comparison. All the more so as I do not get the days off and still have not come round to building my own sukkah (an idea which is both tempting and daunting as far as I am concerned).

However on Tuesday I got a FB message from one member of our tiny community telling me that we were all invited for the Friday evening service followed by a meal in a family sukkah. Our hosts are a middle-aged couple with three children. His family comes from Algeria while hers is from Tunisia.

The hostess had prepared a very appetizing meal with a distinctly Sephardic flavor (pizzas, makoud, tuna-filled savory pastries, dates, …) I had contributed by making an apple cake (not a Sephardic dessert at all) whose recipe I had found in Kosher Revolution. This cake is absolutely delicious and I have made it three times in two weeks. It proved to be a success once again.

Quite a number of people turned up and it ended up being a wonderful evening and a meaningful continuation of the High Holidays.

Virtual Beit Midrash



The Laws of Moadim
Instructor: Rav David Brofsky
Level: Intermediate

This course, on the laws of the holidays and fast days, provides both
background and practical applications. Each unit will commence with an
examination of the primary sources, tracing the halakha from the relevant
gemarot through the rishonim and acharonim. Year 1 will cover Rosh
Ha-Shana, Chanukka, Purim, the Fast Days, and Yom Kippur. Year 2 will cover
the three Regalim: Pesach, Sefirat Ha-Omer / Shavuot, and Sukkot.

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