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Shabbat Shalom!

I Have Done it Again!

For about three years I have been an on and off postal subscriber of The JC, that is to say the British Jewish weekly The Jewish Chronicle. The JC is famous for being the oldest continuously published Jewish newspaper in the world. It was first published in 1841 and is an independent paper which aims at catering for a wide spectrum of Jewish readers.


I enjoy reading it on Saturdays but usually when my subscription is over I don’t subscribe again, just yet. I tend to hesitate, not sure whether I really want to read it again. One of the reasons being that sometimes I find it a bit empty while at other times I feeel the week is not long enough before I receive the next copy with yet more reading. Then, after a while, I miss it and go back online to renew my subscription.

This has happened again. For some time now clever JC has been sending a weekly newsletter which summarizes its contents. This is when I start regretting not receiving the paper any more. This week’s was no exception; all the more so as it detailed the paper’s makeover as from next week.

Guess what I did when I read it. Yes, I did go online and renewed my subscription!

Shabbat shalom!