Most Visited Posts of 2009


Along with my most commented photo of 2009. Note that some of these posts were published before 2009.

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Picking Out a Siddur
New Koren Siddur: First Impressions
Holocaust Project: Topics and Books
The Litvaks

My Vegeterian Biryani
Vegetable Lasagna
Brown Rice Recipes
Chulent Recipes
Quick Tomato Pie

Another Israeli Film
Flights and Kosher Meals
The Warsaw Ghetto Little Boy
Hasidic Judaism, Antwerp & Pictures

Thursday Musings


– I am enjoying my last days of “freedom” before we go back to school next week, next Tuesday to be precise.

– I finally got my school supplies: a blue booklet for marks and absence and a dark blue notebook to keep track of what we do in class. In case this wasn’t clear, blue is my favorite color.

– The deputy head gave me my schedule this morning. Suffice it to say say that I hope it won’t change one iota.

Inglourious Basterds has just been released in France. I saw it two days ago and would advise anyone to do the same. It is unusual and violent but excellent all the same.

The latest edition of KCC (the Kosher Cooking Carnival) is up. It was compiled by Chana, a registered dietitian and author of Food for the Soul: Traditional Jewish Wisdom for Healthy Eating.

Blog Award

After a blog challenge passed on to me by Swedish Chekchouka just before she left France for Israel, I was honored this award by my friend Leora from Here in HP:



The idea is to honor at least seven other blogs. Obviously I won’t choose the same as two weeks ago. This is not as easy since I visit the same blogs regularly – obviously because I enjoy reading them – but I’ll try to feature different blogs and people.

Batya, creator of the Kosher Cooking Carnival and keeper of several blogs where she shows some wonderful photos from Israel.

– Amy Kronish is another Israeli. Her blog deals with Israeli films and the Israeli film industry. A well-worth blog if you are into Israeli movies.

In the Pink, a 30-something divorced single mom to 4 sons who loves to write and is presently spending her vacation in NY city.

Toratezra, a rather new blog – David only started in June – which deals with a wide variety of subjects such as Torah, women in Judaism, health food, from a “left-wing Modern Orthodox” point of view; David’s words not mine.

– At the Parve Baker Rebecca combines dairy-free baking and Jewish learning.

Finally, I’d like to mention two photo blogs:

Anna Carson‘s blog. Anna keeps a beautiful photo blog and is the initiator of great photo projects such as Project Black.

4seaonsinsouthernfinland which – as the name suggests- is a photo blog kept by enthusiastic hobby photographers situated in southern Finland. Lots of stunning photos there.

You are now welcome to go forward, post this small award on your blog and pass it on to at least seven new bloggers. Finally I’d be very grateful if you linked back to this blog

Where I Have Been This Week

chezcatrin.jpgEveryone Needs Therapy gives sound advice to parents on how to bring about a healthy discussion about high-risk behavior with your teenagers.

At Hirhurim you will find the beginning of an ongoing series of guest posts by leaders from across the Jewish spectrum about why people become Orthodox. So far two Conservative rabbis, Rabbi David Wolpe and Rabbi Charles L. Arian, have shared insights.

Cooking with Yiddishe mama points to a CNN report about 5 foods that are good for you. A most welcome article as it includes 3 of my favorite foods.

I’ve just discovered a blog run by a young French woman who is studying to become a journalist. Apparently all the students in her school have been assigned to keep a blog. Yasmina has chosen to devote hers to Israeli films.