The Coffee Dilemmas


I love coffee and usually drink four to five cups a day. I use a traditional drip coffeemaker with a programmable digital clock which I set in the evening. My favorite blends include one from Kenya and another one which combines Kenyan and Indian beans. I buy them at the local stores.

My routine only differs on Fridays when I make a big pot and pour it into a vaccuum flask which enables me to drink hot coffee on Shabbat mornings.

As I have mentioned elsewhere I am spending a couple of weeks in a friends’ flat and the problem is that they do not have a regular coffemaker. Only the husband drinks coffee and he uses one of these new coffee brewing systems., the Senseo coffee machine.

To the non-coffee drinker this might look like a detail but it isn’t so simple.

– First I had to learn to use the machine properly so as to make a big bowl in the morning – as opposed to an espresso kind of cup, the type which is made after lunch.

– I also needed to identify which pods to use for morning coffees and which ones to use for the post-lunch beverage since the sizes are different.

– Then there is the flavor issue. Most of these pods are manufactured by Douwe Egberts®, by no means my favorite brand. Alternative pods exist but apparently the blends are not necessarily the same as for the drip coffeemakers.

– Lastly, there is the Shabbat issue; one which I need to have solved by tomorrow. I have the feeling that this espresso type of coffee isn’t meant to sit in a vaccuum flask for hours before it is drunk.