Assessment- Feedback Welcome


In French secondary schools we assess students using grades that range from 0 – for extremely poor work or nothing at all- to 20 – for a paper which we deem to be the best a student that age can produce.

In primary school the system is different. In the past teachers used a 10-point grading scale but now they use a system of code – usually colors – to indicate how well the pupil has performed.

There are talks however in middle schools to introduce a system that would be closer to the one used at primary level. Of course they wouldn’t use a color scheme but standardized phrases to indicate whether the new point has been aquired or not or if the student seems to be acquiring it.

My feelings is that such a system is far more limited than the present grading system, especially as the student gets older and the things that are assessed more complex.

I wonder what you readers think either as former students or as parents. How were you assessed and how did this make you feel? How are your children assessed now and does that satisfy you?