Friday Fictioneers – Interrogation

This is my third entry into the weekly challenge brought to us by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and pointed out to me by Freya. Just follow the rules: Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going over or under the word count.)

Comments are of course welcome!


I had found it under a tree in a city park – a brand new stuffed mixture of savannah animals. It would make such a lovely present for my nephew’s birthday. For once I would not be the impoverished aunt, the jobless failure who never turned up for family events.

It did not occur to me to look around so I did not see the young Filipino helper and her charge. I just picked up the forlorn toy and walked home, beaming.

And here I am now, at the police station, having to explain why I stole the Prime Minister’s son’s cuddly toy.

77 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Interrogation

  1. Dear Hannah,

    In three stories you’ve captured my heart. (Love your avatar with the chucks…mine are purple with hot pink laces). So many layers in your well-crafted story. I came away grinning and hoping the Prime Minister will be lenient.



    • Rochelle,
      What lovely words; thank you! I am glad you like my stories. I love this challenge.
      I hope the Prime Minister will be lenient too!

  2. Hopefully the Prime Minister cuts this poor woman some slack! It’s not like he can’t afford another elephantgirafeetigerzebra thingy for his son!!! 🙂

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  4. Hannah, Hannah, Hannah! Did your mother not tell you to check the designer tag before you pick up strange creatures at the park? Ha! I like this especially the “impoverished aunt” piece. I am an uncle to eight nieces and nephews and love it when i can be the “favorite” uncle.

  5. I’m hoping for a lot of laughs this week, if only to stop the tears that Rochelle’s story wrought. This was a good one, darling.

  6. Maybe the sequel could be about the prime minister paying attention to unemployment and put her in charge of the programme!

  7. A cleverly written story, and I think you smuggled a lot of characterization into the narrator’s way of telling what happened. I sense a lot of backstory with this character – the family disappointment, the “impoverished aunt” – and I don’t think her relatives will be very surprised at her current problem.

    After all, stuffed toys don’t hold up well to the weather, so if this one was nice enough to use as a present, it can’t have been in the park very long. Not very long at all. Maybe only a few minutes…and most of us would realize that and look around for the child who left it there. Could it be that this isn’t the first time she got herself into serious trouble by acting on impulse?

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