National Holidays Weekly Review


On My Blog

Thai-Style Dressings

Interviewing a Writer – Cari Hunter

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

Leora shows Robin, Red Buds, Tulip

Lorri reviews Where She Came From

What is Eco Kosher and Why Does it Matter? – a guest post by Anabelle Harari on Rivki’s blog

A Friend Who Gets it All – a blogpost by Liza Rosenberg

Solitary and Forever: two stories by Freya

Bamidbar – the journey is the destination – Zivah reflects on this week’s parashah

Web articles

A Sweet Deal for Honey & Co. and The Ultimate Blintzes – two Tablet Magazine articles

When A Meltdown Lasts Five Hours, A Mom Needs More Than A Break – Rabbi Rebecca Schorr writes in the Jewish Week

Shabbat Shalom!

10 thoughts on “National Holidays Weekly Review

  1. Thank you for the link and the trip via photo to somewhere in Hong Kong? Shabbat Shalom. I actually started working on a review, first time in a while. You can look after Shabbat – hope I have it posted later today.

    • Yes, the photo was taken in a town called Stanley, on a peninsula on the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island.
      I am looking forward to the review!

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