National Holidays Weekly Review


On My Blog

Thai-Style Dressings

Interviewing a Writer – Cari Hunter

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

Leora shows Robin, Red Buds, Tulip

Lorri reviews Where She Came From

What is Eco Kosher and Why Does it Matter? – a guest post by Anabelle Harari on Rivki’s blog

A Friend Who Gets it All – a blogpost by Liza Rosenberg

Solitary and Forever: two stories by Freya

Bamidbar – the journey is the destination – Zivah reflects on this week’s parashah

Web articles

A Sweet Deal for Honey & Co. and The Ultimate Blintzes – two Tablet Magazine articles

When A Meltdown Lasts Five Hours, A Mom Needs More Than A Break – Rabbi Rebecca Schorr writes in the Jewish Week

Shabbat Shalom!