Not a Weekly Review


Those who have been following this blog for a while know that I have relatives in Hong Kong and that I sometimes go and visit. This is such a time! So there I am again, glad that I have left the cold and rain behind.

The flight was smooth but I never shut my eyes for very long. Who wants to sleep when you fly over mythical places such Mongolia or the Gobi desert? The blinds were down but I managed to steal a few glances and take some photos.

I watched Dustin Hoffman’s recent Quartet which was perfect for the trip: nice music, great acting and a generous plot. If you want to go and see a feel-good movie, don’t miss it!

Obviously the previous days have been filled with work, running around to get a few gifts and the French products my brother and his family miss in Hong Kong and packing. As a result there will be no weekly review this week but you can visit Leora’s, Lorri’s as well as Zivah’s blogs since all three have put up several blog posts this week.

Come back to this spot in a few days as I am sure I’ll have more to share. Meanwhile: Shabbat Shalom!