Pesach Post 5 – Soaring from the Mundane


I believe there are two main reasons numerous people (myself included) dread the P holiday. Ironically they both start with a ‘p’ too.

– Preparations:

Pesach cleaning is not exactly the most uplifting activity in the world. Neither is koshering utensils for the holiday.

Shopping for Pesach is quite stressful too since it involves numerous changes in the shopping list and a lot of label-reading.

– Privations:

Have you noticed how you crave for fresh bread during those eight days, even if you are not much of a bread eater? Not to mention the urge for cakes and biscuits!

As a result we might easily forget that the whole point of Pesach is not so much the preparations and the privations as the reasons why they are necessary. Here are a book and a link that might help you (re)connect to this spring festival.

Slavery, Freedom, and Everything Between: The Why, How and What of Passover is a new little book that can help you see the religious relevance of the different components of Pesach – such as the search for chametz or what it means today to see ourselves as if we were leaving Mitzrayim – through a series of short and engaging essays by various Jewish contributors. It is a perfect book for getting new insights into the holiday that can help us soar from the mundane to the spiritual.

All proceeds from the sale of this book support the work of Mazon: A Jewish response to Hunger.

New London Synagogue Pesach 5773 Guide: practical guidelines as well as spiritual insights into Pesach.