Three Months Later

Wordle: ilana-davita

It’s already been three months since I resumed blogging after a four-month hiatus. In fact, in hindsight, the pause was a good idea which helped me focus on what I enjoy about writing this blog.

It is also five years since I started blogging altogether – in January 2007. I had of course no idea then that I’d still be writing and loving it five years down the road.

I now seem to have found a rhythm: two posts a week and an extra if I feel inspired. How do you organise your blogging time? Has it evolved since you started?

Just for fun, I have created a Wordle of the most read posts in the past 90 days. Click and enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Three Months Later

  1. Lately, I’ve only had time to write my posts on Saturday night. Then I manage to squeeze in two. Since I have the Websites for Small Biz blog, I squeeze that one in Sunday morning. Although all this varies from week to week, of course.

    I’m so glad you are blogging again. I feel like at least we are exchanging posts, even if the world has gone elsewhere.

    • Thanks for the kind words!
      You sound very organised. I try to post a recipe on Sunday and then one more post before Friday, which is devoted to the weekly review.

  2. I am glad you are blogging. Usually I blog on Monday and Thursday, the days I post a book review. I also try to blog on two other days, where I post photographs and some news and event information. It doesn’t always work out, but I try.

  3. I too had a hiatus, but much longer than you! But I am also glad that I took that time away, as it helped me decide how and when I wanted to post. Once a week is pretty much all I can manage, but most weeks I feel I have written something I am happy with. It has also helped me develop a particular style, which helps my wider writing aims as well. And the weekly post about the week’s parashah is another way for me to share my thoughts on my study for that week. I find that comforting, in a strange way.

    I too am glad you came back to blogging!

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