Feminist and Feminine Weekly Review


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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Vegetarian Chili

The Good and the Moving

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The Rabba Revolution Continues, Elana Sztokman nterviews Rabba Sara Hurwitz

At the Jewish Women’s Archives, Sheena Levi writes about The Power of the Bat Mitzvah

Lorri reviews The Almond Tree

Help Leora find a new name for her blog

Yitro – delegation, that’s what you need… – Zivah writes about this week’s parashah

Web article

Reclaiming The F-Word – an article by By Gavriel Brown in The Observer

Special mention:

Rebecca’s son, Ben, has got a goal: to raise $5,400 for autism research and services. You can help him by donating here. Like Ben’s Facebook Page to encourage him and follow his progress.

Shabbat Shalom!

The woman featured above is my grandmother who died in January 1964. She was a chemist and initiated the creation of a care centre for people with multiple sclerosis when she realised that no such thing existed at the time. Today this has developed into three distinct sites which cater for 250 people with various neurosis diseases and employs 450 people.

7 thoughts on “Feminist and Feminine Weekly Review

    • You are welcome! I am indeed proud of what my grandmother achieved and also that her legacy lives on. My only regret is never to have met her. She died the month before I was born.

  1. I like reading about your grandmother – glad you can be proud of her. My grandmother wanted to study physics, like Madame Curie, but the Russian Revolution came and that was that. Many years later, in the U.S., she became a licensed practical nurse and helped people in that way.

    Thank you for the link and Shabbat Shalom.

    • How awful when history dashes personal dreams! I hope that your grandmother was aware that a good nurse is equally as important as a good doctor and that she enjoyed what she did.

  2. Thank you for the link. Your grandmother was a woman of strength and courage during a time when it was difficult for females to forge ahead. Her legacy lives on.

    • You are welcome! You are right; as a child what my mother and her siblings told us about our grandmother certainly portrayed her as a strong and determined woman.

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