The Good and the Moving


This week my pupils are sending me audio files about their favourite films. Here is what they like; the films are listed in alphabetical order:

Black Swan
Dear John
Desert Flower
The Expandable II
Forrest Gump (two pupils)
The Hangover
The Lord of the Rings
The Mask
Pearl Harbor
P.S. I Love You
Slumdog Millionaire
Star Wars: A New Hope
Skyfall (two pupils)
The Town
Twilight (part one)
Twilight (part two)
The Vow (two pupils)

I am sharing two assignments to give you an idea of what was expected of them. The first is good and cleverly done (don’t think all my pupils have such a mastery of the English language). The second one was recorded by a very quiet but keen black girl whose family comes from Senegal and reflects her interest in the issues African girls still have to face today.

Forrest Gump

Desert Flower


5 thoughts on “The Good and the Moving

  1. They both sound like wonderful students! I especially enjoyed the Desert Flower one. She expresses herself well.

    You might get more people listening if one didn’t have to download the sounds. I looked, and there are several platforms online for sharing sound. I see soundcloud, chirbit and yourlisten.

    • I had no idea one had to download the files since I can listen to them on WordPress. Thank you for suggesting websites where sound can be shared!
      This particular girl is very reserved and I am glad her work is so good.

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