Favourite Apps


Here is my very partial take on a few iPhone apps you might find useful and enjoy. Most are either free or quite cheap.

iRadio UK (free and cheap prelium versions):
A fun little app that allows you to listen to any radio station in the UK. It has a few interesting features such as a Car Mode and a Sleep Timer which will close the application after a predefined time. Exists also for France, Australia, Germany, Italy and Greece.

Le Monde.fr: (free)
Enables you to read the famous French paper online and for free. No need to subscribe to read it.

Kosher OR Not:
Allows you to check whether a fish is kosher. Quite useful when in a country where you do not know the names of all fish. You ca write in English, Hebrew, German, Spanish and French.

Bedtime Shema (free):
Fun and interactive learning aid for Jewish children.

Merriam-Webster (free):
Very convenient app to check a meaning, spelling or a synonym. Can even be used without an Internet connection. I advised my older pupils to download it and am amazed to see how naturally they use it in the classroom. The premium version (which I have not tried) is cheap.

Urban Dictionary Definitions (free and very cheap premium versions):
Fun app to keep up with the latest swears, slang, and abbreves.

User-friendly word processor. Works with iCloud, so your documents stay up to date on all your devices — automatically.

The Sonnets (for the iPad):
Offers an experience of over 150 of Shakespeare’s Sonnets read by the likes of Stephen Fry, David Tennant, Patrick Stewart and many performers from the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company. Allows access to the Arden Shakespeare’s complete notes and discussion on each sonnet. Beautiful!

I still have to find a calendar/diary I like and even though Google Maps is back for iPhone users I don’t like the idea of signing in as a Google user to enjoy the full capacities of the app.

What are your favourite apps?

6 thoughts on “Favourite Apps

  1. I see you really enjoy language apps! I have an Android, but often the apps are similar. I started using EverNote – comes in handy when I am sitting somewhere waiting and I want to record something I need to get done later. When my GPS does work, it’s great. Though sometimes it gives the wrong directions. I mostly use my phone to check my mail or read blog posts on the run. My daughter loves a game called Temple Run. My son put it on his iPad, too.

    • Thank you for the feedback Leora! Maybe I ought to try Evernote. The GPS is only on the car, I have never used GPs apps. As for the game, I’d probably like it but I am not sure I need any more distraction!

  2. I like your app choices! I have used Evernote and like it. I also use Map My Walk, Web MD, a Heart Rate app, Jewish Journal, Jewish Quotes, Words With Friends, and a few others.

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