Time to Move On?


Seven months ago, I expressed my doubts about where my blog Ilana-Davita was going. I had written there for almost five years trying to share snippets of my life. It had been an opportunity to write about books and films, to post photos and recipes and sometimes to explore the ‘meaning of life’. However I had never expected the richness of the interactions it would bring; thanks to blogging I have met wonderful people – some of whom are now my friends on Facebook.

In March, I started Hannah’s Nook as an attempt to keep a blog that better encompasses all that I am. It never really took off. Some projects fell through and I realised that building a new audience while retaining some of the former one is not easy.

I have now reached a point where keeping a blog is not as fulfilling as it used to be and I am still not sure whether I wish to go on with it. I believe blogging should be fun and inspiring rather than a burden so maybe ‘someone’ is trying to tell me something here.

Since I do not like things to hang in the air, I have decided to stop blogging during the summer holiday rather than keep wondering what I shall blog about next. I plan to come back at the beginning of September having hopefully made up my mind concerning the future of my blogs.

Meanwhile I’ll share a few ‘fun’ facts about Ilana-Davita
– Much to my dismay, the most popular post is Easy Potato Kumara Mash
– The blog has been viewed 161,786 times and has received 12,524 comments
– It is visited mainly by visitors from The United States, New Zealand, Israel, The United Kingdom, Australia and France
– It is followed by people from 37 blogs

Have a great summer!

15 thoughts on “Time to Move On?

  1. I understand, sometimes when you start a new blog or come back to writing it’s so hard to get the ideas, express yourself again, as well as build a new audience.
    I hope your mind gets recharged and you continue it though!

  2. I’m sorry to read that you don’t think you will blog this summer. I hope you will just put something up when you are in the mood. But if you say it’s begun to feel like a stress, well, of course, that’s no good.

    My most popular post is a guide for non-Jews about shiva calls. My technical or business posts are always far behind.

    • Strange to see that the most popular posts are not necessarily the ones we expect.
      I think I have definitely made up my mind not to blog for two months – to see how it feels – even if there are things I feel like blogging about, as I really wish to find out what I want to do with the blogs in the future.

  3. I’ll miss you if you disappear. I know what it’s like to run out of things to say or to feel like you’ve lost your following. You’re an incredible blogger for having amassed such a following to begin with. I’ve disappeared for months at a time and even sworn off blogging, but I’ve come back. Go with your heart.

    • Thank you Elisheva for your kind words. I won’t disappear totally and you know where to find me. “Go with my heart” is certainly what I will choose to do.

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