What’s Your Breakfast II


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to eat a proper breakfast every day rather than just swallow two or three cups of coffee and so far I have been successful. My secret: Sunday evening baking.

Each Sunday, I make buns – cardamom buns or cardamom buns with raisins – and freeze them. Then every morning I briefly put a bun or two in the microwave and eat the buns with slices of cheese. I drink some sort of fruit juice and cups of coffee.

This may not seem much but for someone who has difficulties facing food in the morning this is quite a step.

For more inspirations, you can read this old post or try Leora’s Best Bowl of Oatmeal.


16 thoughts on “What’s Your Breakfast II

  1. Thanks for quoting my oatmeal! Most of the time I don’t get around to making the oatmeal that way, but once a week I share a bowl with my husband.

    My daughter also has a hard time facing food in the morning. She gets really hungry when she comes home from school – then she could eat 5 buns.

  2. I also have been trying harder to eat proper breakfasts – which has become difficult now that I leave home at 6:45 am – way too early for me to think about food. So I baked wholewheat carrot muffins and bought some yogurts (I never eat yogurt) last night and had 2 muffins, a yogurt and an apple at my desk around 9 this morning. I think I could get used to doing that 🙂

    Packing both breakfast and lunch I now carry around so much food.

  3. I don’t function without breakfast. In recent years I’ve been eating an onion omlet every monring.

    ps I suggest you have fruit instead of juice with your breakfast. You can even zap an apple or pear in the microwave. The roughage is important. Juice, even freshly squeezed is still a form of sugar.

    • Omelet sounds nice. I am a fan but must admit that when I am working I prefer food which involves neither cooking nor washing up of pans.
      A few years ago a dietician also suggested fruit instead of juice. I only have juice in the morning and fruit during the rest of the day. By the way I had a lovely sweetie from Israel last night!

  4. What a fabulous idea! And a good resolution. Too often, my breakfast is a cup of coffee, and I don’t eat anything substantial until 10:30/11:00 a.m. It’s not the best way to bring in the day, but I find if I eat too much at the outset, I become very lethargic. I’m sure there’s a happy medium in there somewhere.

    I’m so happy to read your posts!!!! Sorry I was a little slow in picking up on them.

    • I also prefer to eat more later but since this is not possible I have opted for more food early rather than hardly any food.
      Thank you for your nice words about my posts; I am still not sure what my blogging objectives are but I think that after JPiX I will have a break and blog less or elsewhere.

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