Communal Evening


After spending Yom Kippur in Antwerp last week, I expected Sukkot to be disappointing in comparison. All the more so as I do not get the days off and still have not come round to building my own sukkah (an idea which is both tempting and daunting as far as I am concerned).

However on Tuesday I got a FB message from one member of our tiny community telling me that we were all invited for the Friday evening service followed by a meal in a family sukkah. Our hosts are a middle-aged couple with three children. His family comes from Algeria while hers is from Tunisia.

The hostess had prepared a very appetizing meal with a distinctly Sephardic flavor (pizzas, makoud, tuna-filled savory pastries, dates, …) I had contributed by making an apple cake (not a Sephardic dessert at all) whose recipe I had found in Kosher Revolution. This cake is absolutely delicious and I have made it three times in two weeks. It proved to be a success once again.

Quite a number of people turned up and it ended up being a wonderful evening and a meaningful continuation of the High Holidays.

9 thoughts on “Communal Evening

  1. So nice that you had that pleasant evening! And I so wish you could come for a meal in our sukkah. We had lots of rain (+ wind), but in between, we managed to eat all meals except one dessert in the sukkah.

    It’s easier to buy a sukkah than to build one from scratch. The canvas ones don’t seem hard to assemble, but they blow away, too.

    • I’d love to hop over the ocean and eat a meal in your sukkah. I think you are right about the canvas sukkah. The problem is mostly planning; I’d need to go to Paris and Antwerp a few weeks before the Holidays as I guess ordering one would be too expensive.

      • Here in Israel, we’re less concerned about building a succah that can withstand the wind and more concerned about building a succah that isn’t too hot. Fortunately, this year, the weather – so far – has been lovely, and sitting in the succah has been a real pleasure.

        And I would love to host you in our succah too! 🙂

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