Nature Notes: This Week’s Basket


I explained last week that I recently joined a csa. The distribution was yesterday instead of today because of Bastille Day which is a national holiday in France.

Each week, two members of the group arrive 30 minutes before the beginning of the distribution, set up the tables, crates and scales so that everything is ready when the other people get there.

Yesterday was my turn and I had printed a recipe which included 3 of the ingredients in this week’s basket. Apart from the health and economical benefits from such an arrangement, I appreciate how it makes me more aware of what is growing in our area.

This week’s basket:
– 1 kg of red potatoes
– 600 gr of carrots
– 1 beet
– 1 cucumber or one big zucchini
– 2 different sorts of lettuce
– 2 garlic heads
– 300 gr of French beans
– 6 eggs

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17 thoughts on “Nature Notes: This Week’s Basket

  1. I bet the beans are delicious. I gave trying to grow green beans, as our local groundhogs will eat the tiny plants. You can steam them or stir fry them with olive oil, red peppers, mushrooms, ginger – whatever just adds a touch of flavor.

    I bought a big bag of potatoes, but it turns out that my family isn’t so interested in potatoes (including me). I’m thinking of making a potato crust with last night’s cooked potatoes.

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  3. In Indianapolis we have a great service called Green B.E.A.N. delivery, it’s different than a CSA but similar in many ways. I love finding out what local things are in season and getting the recipe suggestions in the e-newsletter. Looks like you had a yummy basket this week!

  4. Hello and so nice to see you!!! I enjoyed the comments as much as the post. What a wonderful makes me remember that I must visit our local farmer’s market as we have such a short time in which to enjoy what grows locally….thank you for adding to Nature Notes…Michelle

  5. Oh cool! Before I read your translation, I tried to see how much of the sign I could figure out for myself. I couldn’t figure out what PDT stood for. All I knew was that it’s red. Then I saw the English and knew immediately that it was pomme de terre! I’m surprised I didn’t figure that out myself. Kind of like how it took me a morning of wandering around Paris and trying to decipher signs before I realized that SVP means s’il vous plaît. Right… 🙂 Enjoy your veggies!

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