What I Look Like



… on the Ipad.

If the tablet is the digital tool of the future then WordPress is already quite ahead as far as blogging is concerned. Its Ipad layout makes one’s blog look crisp and elegant. I have taken two (poor quality) shots of my blog as it appears on the Ipad to illustrate how this theme works.

The top photo features the latest picture on my blog but it is possible to set a default picture instead, which I probably will. The little dark ribbon on the right reads “swipe me”. When you do, the next page shows the latest five posts. All you need to do is touch the screen to access the article. If you wish to read the rest of the blog, you just tap the link at the bottom of the page.

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10 thoughts on “What I Look Like

  1. Your former layout (before your latest switch) was more mobile-friendly – on my Iphone anyway – which is rather strange.
    I had a look at the link you provide and agree with you that it is a lovely and adaptable layout.
    Funnily enough I had no idea what my blog looked like on the Ipad until I read somebody else’s blog on my own device. This led me to have a look at my own.

    • That is interesting, given that my current theme is based on the default WordPress theme. I had one person say she could see my old theme (which I had written myself from scratch).

      Some day I will get the mobile theme part down, too. I’m learning e-commerce now, with a friend’s shop – that is taking a lot of energy from both of us.

  2. Your last couple post titles are great. Peaking the reader’s curiosity and then showing them something else which is also cool. Shabbat shalom!

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