Minimalist Dressing


… for your avocado.

I love avocados but try not to eat them with mayonnaise or a dressing that contains oil. Here is a simple, healthy and tasty way to eat avocados.

Halve the avocado and remove the stone. Drizzle with lemon or lime juice. Add some light soy sauce or balsamic vinegar. Enjoy!

The amount of juice and/or sauce depends on your own taste. I usually pour 1 tsp on the avocado and add more as I eat if necessary.

13 thoughts on “Minimalist Dressing

  1. We usually eat them with lemon juice, a bit of salt and some chopped red onion. Sometimes my husband adds some schug or other spices as well.

    I also like adding them to my salad, which I dress with olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

    If I have fresh bread, I find I end up eating a lot of bread with the avocado spread!

  2. I also add avocados to my salads and particularly enjoy them with tomatoes but this recipe is for extremely busy days.
    Thank you for the different suggestions. I have never tried avocados with spices.

  3. Avocados are awesome. You can mash them up and shmear them on bread instead of butter or mayo. I always add a little garlic salt. My kids like avocado melt sandwiches- sliced avocado, sliced cheese, and some crunchy lettuce, heated until the cheese melts. In Israel people eat avocado every day. Definitely one of God’s more ingenious inventions.

  4. one of my favorite treats is slices of avocado on a delicious bread with a little tabasco drizzled on top, that’s a great lunch on a day I’m working from home.

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