Super Natural Every Day- First Glimpse


I am not a vegetarian but I cut down on meat when I became kosher. This was mainly for practical reasons as the nearest kosher butcher shop is more than an hour’s drive away. At the same time I became more health conscious than I already was. Now we never eat meat more than twice a week.

Therefore I am always on the lookout for lovely vegetarian recipes I can add to my daily or Shabbat dishes and I like my vegetarian dishes to be as enticing and appetizing asmy fish or meat dishes.

If you eat kosher, vegetarian dishes are quite useful: you will use lots of unprocessed foods that won’t need a hechshser.

I regularly read a few vegetarian websites but did not own a vegetarian cookbook. So when I learnt that Heidi Swanson, who blogs at 101cookbooks and whose recipes I always enjoy, had published a new book which had raving reviews on Amazon I thought I’d order it.

Super Natural Every Day arrived this morning and after a long day of meetings on the forthcoming exams I was glad to find it when I got back home.

The book starts with a long introduction on natural foods, her pantry and kitchen and some cooking tips.

The book is then divided into several sections:
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Snacks
– Dinner
– Drinks
– Treats
– Accompaniments

I have only paged through the book quickly but have already spotted some recipes I’d like to try: spinach strata, lemon-zested bulgur wheat, frittata, summer squash soup, mostly not potato salad, shaved fennel salad, rye soda bread, raita with walnuts, little quinoa patties, cucumber cooler for instance.

The book uses cups as well as grams which will suit both the American and European readers.

Some recipes by Heidi Swanson I have tried:
Pierce Street Vegetarian Chili
Zucchini Ricotta Cheesecake
Lively Up Yourself Lentil Soup
Cashew Curry

17 thoughts on “Super Natural Every Day- First Glimpse

  1. That’s so wonderful, that the arrival of the cookbook rejuvenated you after a tough day. The lentil soup looks like one I’d love.

    I have been excited about my pickles, so maybe it’s a similar feeling!

    • Rayna Eliana we must meet if at least for a meal, and books of course!
      Heidi Swanson is from northern California and I am sure you’ll be able to get all the ingredients that sound a little unfamiliar to me.

      • Yeah. A lot of stuff here is locally grown and unlike what I’ve seen in the US, if it’s not in season, they don’t sell it. I eat veggies, but not enough probably. Here you’d have to go out of your way to find nonkosher meat.

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    • If you look at her blog, you’ll find more information about the book. On Amazon you can also “look inside” and read people’s reviews. In fact I have just ordered her first cookbook.

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