Weekly Review with Blue Flowers


On My Blog

Salmon in Foil
Tian – Vegetable Gratin

New Series Brewing

The Race – a Book Review

Holocaust Memorial in Stockholm:
The Wall
Paving Stones

JPIX – The Spring Edition

Elsewhere in the JBlogosphere

Shuk Petach Tikvah, May 2011, an appetizing post at Israeli Kitchen

Mrs. S. shares a letter to an American friend

Rabbi Fink reviews Unchosen

Avoiding the comforts of extremism, a post by Rabbi Hyim Shafner

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz writes about Solitary Confinement in Solitary Confinement: When Solitude is no Longer a Virtue

Honoring my father’s memory, a moving post by Risa

Remembering the Holocaust, a round- up of posts by Leora

Shabbat Shalom!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Review with Blue Flowers

  1. I am guessing the bell-like ones are blue bells. The other blue flowers look familiar.

    Oh, I meant to add Risa’s post about her father to my review. I will do so as well.

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