JPIX – the Spring Edition

This is the Spring edition of JPIX, the Jewish Photo Bloggers’ Blog Carnival. Click on each thumbnail to access the full post. Special thanks to Leora for being so patient with me when I had problems putting JPIX together.

Photos by Israeli bloggers

Batya who blogs at me-ander and Shiloh Musings shows photos from both blogs:

– “Should I buy four dresses?”
– – The Last Brooklyn Trolley
– Rosh Chodesh Shvat at Tel Shiloh, A Treat for The Eyes and Soul

4dresses.jpg  brooklyntrolley.jpg roshhodesh.jpg

– Dramatic, Photogenic, But No Connection to Their Cause
– B”H, The Rain Has Given Us a Beautiful Spring
– Mount Zion, Jewish For Sure

dramatic.jpg  spring.jpg  mtzion.jpg

– Tel Shiloh, Adar II, Blooming As It Should Be, B”H
– More Sightings! Jerusalem’s Lightrail is Chugging Along

adar2.jpg  lightrail.jpg

Mrs. S. who blogs at Our Shiputzim: A Work In Progress shares:

– Reason #12,902 for making aliyah
– National Park: Ein Chemed Edition

alyiah.jpg  fees.jpg  crusaderruins.jpg

At I Wish I Were a Photographer,Toby shares pictures from her kitchen window and blooming trees

flowers.jpg  bloomingtrees.jpg

While Risa at at Isramom shows an Old House in Downtown Rehovot


Photos from the United States

Leora from Here in HP shares three paintings; one by her daughter, one she painted and one by Julie, a friend in Israel

esther.jpg  raritanavenue.jpg  lemontree.jpg

Mottel at Letters of Thought has loads of beautiful and fascinating photos: an unusual meeting in Crown Heights, a walk in Central Park and a mikvah in Baltimore

crownheights.jpg  centralpark.jpg  mikva.jpg

Photos from Israel and New Zealand

Noa who blogs at Sparrow Chatter shares:

– Lost in translation
– Is Nothing Sacred?
– Hort Lawn Cemetery

scotsman.jpg  jerusalem.jpg  hortlawn.jpg
Photos from the Ukraine

Leah at Chossid’s PhotoBlog shows Pesach Prep and Pesach photos

borcht.jpg  chaya.jpg  shmaya.jpg
kids.jpg  feather.jpg  matzah.jpg

Photos from France

Ilana-Davita shows photos from Paris: an old Jewish bookstore and an unusual state school

bookstore.jpg  school.jpg

Past JPiX carnivals: Leora – December 2010Robin – Fall 2010Toby – Summer 2010Leora – Spring 2010Pesky – Winter 2010Leora – Fall 2009Batya – Summer 2009Leora – Spring 2009Ilana-Davita – Winter 2009Rafi – January 2009Mother in Israel (Hannah) – December 2008

The next JPIX will be hosted by Leora at the beginning of October. Use this form on the blog carnival site to submit your post.


33 thoughts on “JPIX – the Spring Edition

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  2. Wow, beautiful job! And thanks so much for including both of my submissions 🙂
    I haven’t been here for a while, I like your new banner! I’ll be sure to come back and visit more often!

    • Thank you. In France primary school children used to get two days off: Sunday and Thursday – the Thursday break was supposed to be better than five or six days in a row. About forty years ago it was moved to Wednesday. And now they also get a full weekend. It is different in secondary schools where children go to school on Wednesday mornings and get the whole weekend off.

  3. Nice collection! It’s true the train in Jeru is chugging along. However they keep pushing off the date people will actually be able to ride it. I’m still waiting!

      • Why wouldn’t I? Because I believe it’s a prime target for a terror attack? Cuz I am pretty sure of that, and this whole time I’ve been saying that Jeru’s not ready for a train for that very reason. But that’s no way to live life. So yeah, I’ll take the train.

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  6. Thank you for doing this and for including my pictures. I shall enjoy meandering around all the other entries.

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