Meat and Fish Pesach Dishes – 2011/5771 Update


This is a list of recipes which I have posted since I started this blog and which are all kosher for Pesach. Beware that three of them contain kitniyot. For those wondering, soy is kitniyot but soy sauce is chametz as it contains wheat.


Moroccan Tagine of Chicken with Prunes

Stuffed Tomatoes

Chicken with Red Peppers

My Mother’s Chicken Patties (kitniyot)


A Dish from Finland

Another Salmon Recipe

Hraymi: Spicy Fish

Salmon and Fennel

Halibut, Red Peppers, Onions, Potatoes and Gremolata

Poached Salmon

Smoked Salmon and Salad

Salmon in Curry Sauce (kitniyot)

Fish Yellow Curry (kitniyot)

More recipes to come – vegetable and side dishes as well as desserts


10 thoughts on “Meat and Fish Pesach Dishes – 2011/5771 Update

  1. The whole kitniyot issue confuses me. Is this something allowed to Sephardim but not to Askenazim? I’m seeing all kinds of things on the store shelves that I never thought was allowed like mustard and even couscous.

    • Most Ashkenazim don’t eat kitniyot. Mustard would be considered kitniyot. Among Sephardim, they vary in what they will or will not eat. Some won’t eat humus because it sounds like chametz.

      The couscous may be made with matza meal and thus OK for most – some, who don’t eat gebrochts, won’t eat it. Or, if it is made with potato starch, anyone is allowed to eat it (but it may not taste all that good).

      • Thank you for that answer. Gebrochts is also something that I’ve only seen in the past few years. I take that it is sort of the Passover equivalent of glatt kosher and has to do with leavening. Is this way off base?

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