Is Kosher Getting Healthier?



I went kosher shopping in Antwerp last week where I bought meat for my freezer as well as all sorts of fresh and dry foods.

Usually I find that kosher biscuits and cake are case studies in unhealthy food. Here is a sample for the skeptics: sugars, wheat flour, eggs, water, vegetable oil, poppy seeds filling, emulsifiers (E433, E481, E491, E524), yeast, stabilizer E415, dietary fibers, soy flour, food starch, humectant E422, flavors, salt, citric acid, preservatives (E282, E202, E200). And this is just one item.

Yet as I looked around looking for parve cookies and cakes for a friend as well as for a cup of instant noodles for myself. I found that things seemed to be changing as the above photos suggest: no colorings, no preservatives, no trans, less salt, no added MSG …

This is a trend I have not witnessed in French kosher stores and interestingly all those products came from North America, not Israel. As for the organic section (a rather reduced product line), it contained American and European items.

Have you noticed a similar tendency where you live?