Tonight I am feeling a little dejected. The meeting with the chief school administrator was not successful. The whole set up was meant to impress us and show who was in charge: five men in three-piece suits and one woman who were sitting on one side of an oval table, people who believe they are so important they feel they can check their Iphones all the time – apparently the concept of a secretary who steps in when some kind of director is needed urgently is now alien to the local school board.

The chief school administrator had said that he would see no more than five people therefore there were three teachers from my school, a parent and a union member. We had rehearsed beforehand and each of us had arguments to put forward depending on what we would be told.

We had figures as well as more humane arguments. The chief school administrator and his advisors refuted some points, agreed on others but basically we were repeatedly told that, even if they understood and shared our worries, they did not have the budget to keep three deans.

I am not sure what I had expected but I hoped things would be more open: I was probably too naive. Now I clearly need time to digest the failure and am glad we are going to Paris tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. I’m sorry too. I think that there are a lot of similar things like this going on here in the UK with regards to cost-sutting in schools. It always seems to be the short-term gain (balancing the books for a year or two) that outweighs the long-term gain. I bet you get a third dean back in a few years – but what cost to the students, in the meantime?

    And, what on earth was the point in wasting everyone’s time with a meeting, when minds were already made up?

    • And, what on earth was the point in wasting everyone’s time with a meeting, when minds were already made up?
      We do wonder indeed. All the more so as the meeting was quite long (over an hour), which is quite unusual apparently.

  2. I am so sorry, Ilana. ):

    There are several schools, colleges and universities in the U.S. that are facing major cutbacks. It is quite sad that education seems to be on the back burner for funding.

  3. Right now, there seems to be a general worldwide impatience with listening to other people’s views and concerns. Peoples’ attention spans seem to be shortening and their egos growing. I’m so sorry you don’t feel you were listened to. That’s extremely frustrating!

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