Desert Island MP3s


The British radio station Radio 4 has a famous and popular program, Desert Island Discs, where guests are asked to choose the eight records they would take with them on a desert island.

When I was a young student living in England and then three years later in Scotland, I enjoyed listening to this program. Strangely enough I have never listened to it in France although podcasts now allow me to do it very easily.

However I think it is an interesting idea. Judging from my favorite mp3 playlist, I’d probably take something like:
Romantisme hébraïque, a compilation of Jewish themes and music
Continuo, by Avishai Cohen
Barber’s Adagio for strings
Well by the Klezmatics and Chava Alberstein
– Cello Suites by Johann Sebastian Bach
– A CD by the Swedish band Kent
– Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater
– Mozart’s or Fauré’s Requiem

What would you take?


9 thoughts on “Desert Island MP3s

  1. That’s an agonizing choice! I would also take the Bach cello suites, and some of Beethoven’s late piano sonatas, Brahms’ piano concertos, some Poulenc (sextet and clarinet sonata), some Stravinsky (Firebird, Pulcinella, l’histoire du Soldat), Tchaikovsky symphonies and violin concerto, oh my, and I haven’t even gotten to anything besides classical music. I’ll stop there, but I would also like some klezmer and some popular Jewish music (like Yaakov Sheweky).

  2. I’m not a big music person. Hm, I guess some music by Vivaldi. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles. Some Shabbos zmirot.

    Would sounds and or voices of my 3 children count?

    • I am not much of a big music person either but sometimes I listen to the thing a short radio program on the station has presented in the morning. But I feel very much behind when I hear my students talking about music.

  3. I adore music. And Desert Island Discs, along with Just a Minute, The Afternoon Play, Woman’s Hour, PM and many more programmes from Radio 4 punctuated my childhood and teenage years as my parents had radios all over the house, all tuned to the same station!

    As for my own desert island listening, I think anyone listening to my iPod would be very confused, as I have very wide taste in music! Especially as my BH has added a whole new set of music to it only today. classical, English folk music, jazz, R&B, pop, rock, hip hop….

    Plan B, Django Reinhardt, Klezmer, Bach, Vivaldi, Steeleye Span, Rihanna, Mumford & Sons, New Order – I never want to be forced to pick only a few!

  4. Nice play list.

    I would definitely take Rachmaninoff, and take Andrea Bocelli, and an album of Jewish music called Songs of our Fathers, and Rod Stewart’s old songs albums, to name four various musical expressions.

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