The Latest Gadget


About a month agon I treated myself to the Ipad – along with a shell and a sleeve – and have enjoyed every second I have spent on it since.

I have purchased two kindle books: All-of-a-Kind Family (which I have read and greatly enjoyed) and Heart of the City by Ariel Sabar (which I have not started yet) and have downloaded a number of news apps (you can try and guess which ones) in both French and English.

Although it is not something I frequently do, I have also watched a few youtube videos to test the app and was pleasantly surprised : the quality of the image is really good.

I have also visited a number of blogs and commented from the Ipad on a few occasions.

Mostly I use my new gadget for reading, in the evening, and do not find it too heav – a frequent criticism. In fact reading it in bed is far more enjoyable than I expected.

I still need an iPad Camera Connection Kit but reckon that I will take the Ipad on my next trip and might even leave the computer at home.

There are obviously lots of other features that I have not discovered yet but I would recommend it for all the reasons I have mentioned above.


22 thoughts on “The Latest Gadget

    • It is fun indeed.
      I will probably read more “All of a Kind Family” books but later when I am less overwhelmed by all sorts of other readings (both for work and myself). Hope I won’t have to wait until the summer though.

    • Strangly enough I had never heard of “All of a Kind Family” until very recently. I don’t think they have been translated into French. Now I realize that lots of people in the States have read them.

  1. I love mine too… I think I am probably as much of a gadget head as you are 🙂

    Me and the BH treated ourselves to one each last month as well. It’s interesting to see how we use ours differently, as well.

  2. I need to consult the Rabbi. Is there a commandment that forbids me to covet my friend’s iPad:-)????

    I love my iMac, wouldn’t swop it for any other kind of computer……..but the iPad is VERY tempting.


  3. It sounds really great. I have my eyes on a Mac for the next computer – they are incomparable for musical work, and really, any creative work, I’ve found.

    I haven’t heard of All of a Kind Family. And, as I’m in between books, I think I will check it out when I can. Thanks!

  4. Now I’m very jealous! I want an iPad, but I have to choose between that and food for the family. 😉

    I grew up on the All of a Kind Family books. I should read them again.

    • I am lucky that in December I had the comfort not to have to choose between an Ipad and feeding us (the state owed me some money). Some other months I wouldn’t have been able to go wild like this.

  5. I’m so excited to read that you bought All Of A Kind Family. They were my favourite as a kid. I bought one for my daughter and she also really loved it. They are very hard to find in print. After reading the book we took our kids to visit The Tenament Museum while we were on vacation in New York. It made the books come to life for her.
    I just love having all our photos loaded on my iPad.

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